In late 2013, New Gods (a band who had formed from the acrimonious ashes of indie-pop favourites Little Red) rid themselves of the shackles of the music industry's hype and expectation to give birth to their sprawling and magnificent debut, Beloved. Without fanfare or promotion they simply built a website, posted a link on Facebook and trusted that fate would ensure it was heard by the right ears. Equal parts an album, an art project and an experiment, it flew under the radar of most music fans and media, and yet was shortlisted for the Australian Music Prize and later featured as album of the week on FBi Radio in Sydney and PBS in Melbourne.

9 months after its release, the urge to hear the beautiful record on vinyl became too much. We founded their label with just the one aim - to release this criminally under-rated record on vinyl and to share it with as many people as possible. 


Beloved (2014)

Given the pedigree of main songwriter Dom Byrne (Little Red) it wasn’t surprising that New Gods’ debut album Beloved contained romantic and melancholic songs full of gorgeous harmonies and sweet melodies. What no-one expected was Byrne’s pop sensibility to be cloaked in sprawling, exhilarating, feedback-soaked arrangements with a dynamic range rarely captured on record. Beloved album is a monumental beauty, a masterpiece. It is the first record we released on Barely Dressed Records.