Jim Lawrie

While Jim Lawrie was cutting his teeth for years drumming for Eagle & The Worm, Saskwatch and dozens of other Melbourne-based music projects (something he continues to do) he gave little hint of his prodigious songwriting talent. It wasn’t until he came out from behind the kit that he revealed himself as one of Melbourne’s finest purveyors of heartbroken folk-rock. Lawrie arrived with a fully realized sound and wonderful simplicity to his approach to music – heart-on-sleeve honesty, effortless arrangements and his stunning pure voice soaring from one perfectly crafted chorus to the next. 

After his folk-country debut Paying My Debts From the Grave in 2013, Lawrie teamed up with Barely Dressed Records to release the more ambitious Eons in 2015 – an acclaimed collection of cinematic love songs which came to define his sound. 

IN June 2017 Jim released slacker of the year. the high-point of his career, SOTY received unanimously glowing praise from critics and fans alike. 

"He should be considered one of this decade's finest songwriters." - The Music ★★★★

"country music in crisis mode... it’s a new highpoint for Lawrie." - The Herald Sun ★★★★

"The sumptuous melodies that gave his blues a soaring lightness on previous record Eons are anchored here by an omnipresent gloom. Slacker Of The Year is gut-wrenching. No comparisons necessary." - STACK


Slacker Of The Year (2017)

Jim Lawrie’s new album Slacker of the Year is was releasde on June 9, 2017. As Jim describes, Slacker Of The Year is a collection of songs written by him over the course of 18 months, covering themes of major change in his life throughout this time. Though technically it could be considered a break up album, its focus is more on the exploration of new love rather than the idea of dwelling on love lost. Recorded and mixed by Callum John Barter at Newmarket Studios, Slacker of the Year is a culmination of years of creative introspection. Jims own stunning take on the building blocks of classic rock and folk.


Eons (2015)

Eons showcased an artist transitioning from his previous incarnation as a folk singer-songwriter into a purveyor of soaring alt-country rock. Taking cues from songwriters and bands like Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac - or more recently Ryan Adams and The War On Drugs, the performances are gorgeous and Jim's trademark vocal purity is a highlight throughout; melodic, harmonious, warm and human.