Jess Ribeiro's AMP Shortlisted second album Kill It Yourself, came after a three-year hiatus, in which the award-winning songwriter travelled the world and submitted herself to that kind of soul searching that only a restless artist is capable of. She credits the beginning of her musical kinship with its producer and her collaborator Mick Harvey (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) as the catalyst for rediscovering her muse. Beguiling and poetic reflections of youth, love and life find solace in Harvey's subtle production; sympathetic strings, languid tempos and gothic blues swagger. 

Kill It Yourself marked a literal and physical shift from the humid Darwin verandahs, and the alt-country and folk stylings of her acclaimed 2011 debut My Little River. Jess has recently returned from New Zealand where she recorded the songs which will comprise her third album, due for release late 2017/early 2018.


Kill It Yourself (2015)

Jess Ribeiro’s critically adored Kill It Yourself is Barely Dressed Records’ highest selling release, now in its third vinyl pressing it has become a cult-hit. Kill It Yourself  is a work of darkness, pastoral beauty and humour which was recorded in collaboration with Mick Harvey (PJ Harvey, The Bad Seeds). The title track was inspired by her time working in Indigenous communities in Northern Australia; Run Rabbit Run tells a story of cotton-chipping as a teenager and being drawn into a shady drug deal; and Slip The Leash is an ode to her transgendered aunt from Zurich. The album shrewdly balances its darker, haunting themes with rays of optimism, nostalgia, wit and beauty. 


Hurry Back To Love (Mikey Young Remix - 2015)

This is what Mikey Young (Total Control, Eddy Current Supression Ring) said about his remix of Jess Ribeiro's Hurry Back To Love. 

"I met Jess. She was super funny and off-kilter. She said do a remix for me and make me sound like Donna Summer. So after trying to turn her into a bunch of Steve Reich tape loops for a day, I gave in and had a crack at unashamedly ripping on Moroder and Patrick Cowley as hard as I possibly could and coming up short of course but not tooooo short."