Hana vu

Los Angeles based Hana Vu may still be in high school, but that hasn’t stopped her from writing music for more than five years. 

Clamouring for creative outlets from an early age, she formed musical projects and played shows, though without fully clicking with her teen peers in the local D.I.Y. brat-pack. “I wouldn’t call myself a curmudgeon, but I found it hard to be friends with other young people. Instead, I found two or three key homies, then just did my own thing— socially and in my music”— partly explaining the ambition and ambiance of her forthcoming first official release How Many Times Have You Driven By.


How Many Times Have You Driven By (2018)

WRItten and produced by Vu herself, and mastered by Clay Jones (Modest Mouse, Sunflower Bean) How Many Times Have You Driven By masters the defining balance of bedroom pop: it’s warm, sparse, and whisper-intimate yet at the same time wholly radio-ready.

Out June 29th