GOOD BOY ain't your average party-punk band. THEIR Scorching EP Shirk Life  (out thrugh Barely Dressed Records) is a whip-smart, catchy-as-hell collection of songs that show a young band finding and questioning their place in the world. DISSECTING and subverting the australian MILLENNIAl experience wth panache, one sold out rock show at a time. 

the EP’s first track ‘A Waste Of 122 Million Dollars (Taxpayer Funded)’ spits a self-explanatory message about the absurd and insulting marriage equality plebiscite. Similarly, ‘Fishing With A Shotgun’ seethes with frustration about the seeming non-choice between neo-liberal, right-wing and conservative politicians.

Stand-out track ‘1972 VW Superbug’ is a nostalgic sprawler which explores regional life via bored late-nights in their hometown of Bundaberg, Queensland. Never has “rum-city” been sung about with such romance! Shirk Life definitely showcases Good Boy as one of Australia's most exciting young punk bands. Thought-provoking and exhilarating.


Shirk Life/Plum - Double EP 12"

We've paired Shirk Life with Good Boy's magnificent previous EP Plum for an limited edition run of 12" Double EP's. A young punk band reaching the top of their game.


Jarrow/Good Boy Split 7” (2017)

Melbourne’s Jarrow and Brisbane’s Good Boy team up for a combined 7 minutes of brilliant and creative garage-punk. Only 200 copies were pressed.